Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cool iphone Prototype Concepts

Design-design iphone oleh designer-designer berbakat dari seluruh dunia,.
hope next iphone 6 akan guna concept yg at bawah nie,.huhu,.

Check-it-Out :

Transparent iphone Concept 
designed by :Robert Davis

iphone Pro concept
Apple iPhone with two sliding panels designed by ADR Studio

Projector iphone Concept
Next Generation iPhone designed by Samuel Lee Kwon.

Colourful iphone 5G Concept
designed by Antoine Brieux from NAK Studio

iphone Nano Concept
Cool mockup of the smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone 4

iphone 5 Concept
Modern iPhone concept designed by Antoine Brieux from NAK

Elegan iphone Concept
Beautiful and stylish Apple iPhone concept designed by item.

4mm iphone 5 Concept
Cool iPhone concept designed by Alternative Industries is just 4mm thick.

Hologram iphone Concept
Futuristic Apple iPhone 5 concept features a hologram projector.

iphone 5
iPad 2 and iPhone 4 inspired concept by Michal Bonikowski.

The iphone Concept
 thin Apple iPhone 5 made by handyflash.